Why Lesbianism is So Damn Liberating


karen-cantu-q-161640Photo by Karen Cantú Q on Unsplash

There is something so awesome about dating women. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just soooooooo gay (which I’m still questioning) or if it’s actually because women are just a hell of a lot nicer to date than men and here’s why:

Balanced hormones

The complete lack of peen means that you can flush your birth control down the loo and enjoy pregnancy fear-free sex, a normal body weight, and you don’t run the risk of blood clots in your lungs. Laters Yasmin, you murderous pill, you.

Girl talk all the time

When you’re out on a would-be awkward dinner or drinks date, you have more to talk about and don’t have to sit there listening to a dude go on about why he is just SO great. The conversation seems to flow more because, as women, you can relate to each other’s lives on a whole different level to that of a man. Laters, mansplaining.


Before I slept with a woman, I didn’t even know that I was capable of having an orgasm. Because you get each other’s bodies more, you are able to explore sex in ways that you perhaps wouldn’t be able to with the average dude. It’s called a clitoris bros and you should never bite it.


When you start surrounding yourself mostly with women, you sort of feel like you’re in a secret women’s club which makes the day to day patriarchal pressures that much easier to deal with.

Girl on girl 

Women, generally speaking, have such a nurturing, caring and open energy (when they aren’t competing for a man) and the passion that comes out of that openness is something that I personally never experienced with a dude.

Body confidence 

For the first time in my life, I don’t fret about stray hairs, muffin tops, what my nipples look like, cellulite or how my tummy jiggles. Once again, when you are around people who have the same body type as you, there is nothing to compare or worry about. Accepting your beauty is much easier to do when you know the person you’re having sex with isn’t expecting a silicone-filled porn star.


When I dated men or rather attempted to date them but so rarely did because of their favourite activity of ghosting, I actually felt invisible. Ignoring someone is one of the worst things that you can do and it seems that women are aware of how rude this actually is and so far (fingers crossed) I have not been ghosted.


Women are incredibly empowering individuals, and when you surround yourself with them you cannot help but feel confident, strong and liberated.

So, ladies keep spreading the love. The world is a whole lot kinder, loving and more open because of it.

**Disclaimer: Thank you to my friend and confidant, Dom Pezzutto for contributing to this listicle. 

** I do not hate men. I actually love them too but you know, it’s better with women. 


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