Why Quitting is So Damn Emancipating



I have been called a quitter many times in my life, simply because I quit a lot of jobs. I always felt guilty and like a failure for quitting largely because my mother trained me to stick things out. Even if I felt sick with anxiety before going to work and felt worthless and small whilst at work, I still stuck it out at many jobs. Not for money but for the expectation that I was to trade my time and well being for someone else’s business.

But the truth is, there is no glory in trading your time for something that makes you feel worthless and does not bring you some kind of joy.  Sure, the rent has to be paid and the bills cannot remain unnoticed. But, surely there is more to this life than working working working whilst dreaming of retirement where it is most likely that you’ll just die early anyway.

I usually have no issue in getting employed but staying employed really taxes me because I am a free spirit and I need fluidity and variety in my lifestyle. It’s not that I’m lazy and don’t like to work it’s just that I hate waking up in the morning before work and looking down the barrel of the rest of my day and the rest of my life and seeing it look exactly the same. The rigidity eats away at my soul until there’s nothing but a husk a person.

I tell myself that I should be grateful to have a job and a roof over my head, and of course, I am grateful, but I don’t believe that we should feel like we’re lucky for just holding on and scraping by. I don’t think that the system is fair in that it only gives us just enough but not quite enough to thrive, so that we stay oppressed and adhere to its different facets of imprisonment.

I don’t believe that the 9 – 5 work day, 5 days a week is sustainable anymore and I believe that it is big corporation slavery. I also don’t think that it is okay that many of us, with degrees, are forced to work full-time graduate jobs and then work casual jobs at the weekends, simply  to survive and pay off our student loans as we lose some of the best years of our life to a timesheet.

This is my battle cry and I say, if your job makes you feel trapped, uninspired, worthless and as if you are just scraping by, then fuck it, just quit! You’ll find a way to survive. You’ll hustle because you have to. Our time is too valuable to be in debt to something not worthwhile. I’m not saying quit and just go sit on a beach and get high all day. I’m saying quit the thing that breaks you down and move towards the thing that allows you to live your life on your own terms – whatever that may be.

So fuck it, just quit!


One thought on “Why Quitting is So Damn Emancipating

  1. Girl, you are speaking straight to my soul here! I can relate to this in so many ways. I have no problem getting employed or staying employed, but after six months in any given job, I get so uninspired and start dreading every day, feeling trapped in the system. For a long time, I felt quite tortured by this, thinking I just hadn’t found the right place for me, constantly reevaluating my career direction, looking for something else. But I think now I have realised that a 9-5 job in general just does not suit me, and that’s ok.

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